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Plastic Aesthetics

Let your Skin Glow

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Let your Skin Glow

Skin care Problems

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Skin care Problems

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The best liposuction in East Delhi is a plastic surgery technique that involves the removal of fat deposits...

Male Breast Reduction/ Gynaecomastia

Gynecomastia is the excess of breast in the male. It is a...

Facial Trauma

Patients with severe facial trauma should undergo immediate Facial trauma treatment in Delhi (except for...


Nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty in Delhi is one of the most demanded operations by both men and women...

Scar Revision

A scar is a mark left after a wound has closed. Scar revision surgery in East Delhi, Panipat can help improve...


Have you suffered a skin burn caused by contact with flames, hot surfaces or liquids? Are you looking for the...

Plastic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Sahil Singla, Plastic Surgeon in Karkardooma, East Delhi

Expert in Cosmetic, Plastic, & Reconstructive Surgery

  • MBBS, DNB (General Surgery), DNB (Plastic Surgery) Maulana Azad Medical College, LNJP hospital, New Delhi
  • Dr. Sahil Singla is the best plastic surgeon in East Delhi specializing in cosmetic, restorative, anti-aging, gynecomastia surgery and liposuction surgery. He offers you their training and professionalism to bring you closer to the image you want. You will always feel in good hands, counting on the best human and technological resources for each of your needs, guaranteeing the highest security and the most absolute confidentiality. The objective of plastic surgeon in Karkardooma, East Delhi is to eliminate that physical complex that conditions us in our daily life. The physique can be altered from birth, age, pregnancy or the result of surgery. His goal is that his patients can forget and manage to overcome that aspect, feel comfortable with themselves with a natural result.

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Aesthetic & corrective

Having a perfect body is an illusion, but plastic surgeon in East Delhi can improve its contour.

Facts you need to know ahead

Plastic and reconstructive surgery in Karkardoom, East Delhi by Dr Sahil Singla.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a specialization of medicine, in charge of reconstructing areas of the body that have been damaged (either by trauma, burn, cancer, etc.), as well as creating and correcting congenital anomalies such as malformations or agenesis (no formation during embryonic development of a part of the body).

To do this, plastic surgeon in Karkardoom, East Delhi uses surgical techniques that transfer tissues from one place to another in the body, and sometimes creating a lost part with other different parts of the body, for example: reconstructing a finger with one from the same hand or one of the foot, reconstruct a breast with back muscles or abdominal tissue, Reconstruct a skin defect after the removal of a tumor, Reconstruct the pharynx with tissue from the thigh, etc.).

Sometimes prostheses or various materials can also be used to carry out the reconstructions, such as silicone prostheses to reconstruct the breast, matrices of bovine or porcine collagen for skin coverage, polylactic acid tubes to reconstruct defects in nerves, etc.

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