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    What are the procedures performed by Best Plastic Surgeon in Panipat, Dr. Sahil Singla?

    best plastic surgeon in Panipat
    Certain situations or diseases are treated by the best plastic surgeon in Panipat – Dr. Sahil Singla; for example, when a child is born with a malformation that affects normal function or physical appearance, or when a physical abnormality occurs due to an accident, illness, or aging itself.

    We are also consulted on problems that affect the hand, problems that require microsurgery, and craniofacial problems. Some urgent situations are also treated by plastic surgeon in Panipat, such as burns, facial wounds, trauma to the face, and bites.

    Here are some of the problems most frequently handled by the best plastic surgeon in Panipat. It is only a partial list; if you have any questions, consult Dr. Sahil Singla.

    • Congenital anomalies and developmental pathology: birthmarks, including vascular lesions and congenital nevi, developmental anomalies of the breasts, malformations of the lip and palate, anomalies of the hand, facial and skull deformities.
    • Acquired deformities, including those caused by trauma or disease: scars, wounds, tissue deformities from trauma or disease, burns and their sequelae, wounds with poor healing, scars that limit movement, amputations of limbs or fingers, trauma to the skull and facial bones, eyelid problems, hand injuries, traumatic or not, breast reconstruction, skin, face and neck tumors.
    • Aesthetic and aging-related problems: body contour problems, sagging or very voluminous breasts, skin problems: wrinkles, spots, sun damage, tattoos, skin and muscle facial aging, hair loss, facial characteristics: nose, cheekbones, chin.

    What is plastic surgery?

    Plastic Surgery is a surgical specialty that deals with the correction of all congenital, acquired, tumor or simply involutive processes that require repair or replacement, or that affect body shape and / or function. His techniques are based on the transplantation and mobilization of tissues using grafts and flaps or even implants of inert material. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery seeks to restore or improve function and physical appearance in injuries caused by accidents and burns, in diseases and tumors of the skin and supporting tissues and in congenital anomalies, mainly of the face, hands and genitals.

    Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, on the other hand, deals with generally healthy patients and its purpose is to correct alterations in the aesthetic norm in order to obtain greater facial and body harmony or the sequelae produced by aging. This has repercussions on emotional stability, improving quality of life through professional and emotional relationships, etc.

    What are the differences between Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?

    plastic surgeon in Panipat
    Both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery are part of plastic surgery, a specialty that in our country is known as Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve the normal structures of the body with the intention of increasing the attractiveness of the patient and their self-esteem. The specialty of Cosmetic Surgery as such does not exist, just as there is no cosmetic surgeon; Only plastic surgeon in Panipat is officially endorsed to perform cosmetic surgery.

    Reconstructive or reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body, caused by congenital problems, growth or development problems, trauma, infection, tumors, or disease. It is done, above all, to improve function, although it can also be done to improve physical appearance.

    Is Aesthetic Surgery suitable for me?

    If you are thinking about the possibility of undergoing a Plastic or Aesthetic Surgery intervention, you should ask yourself certain questions: why do I want to undergo this intervention? And what do I expect from surgery, or what do I expect Plastic Surgery to do for me?

    There are two categories of patients who would be good candidates. The former are those with a very positive image of themselves and who are concerned about a certain physical characteristic that they would like to improve or change; After the surgery they will be satisfied with the result and will continue to maintain a positive image of themselves. The second category would consist of those patients with a physical or aesthetic defect that has worsened their self-image over time; After the surgery, they will need some adjustment time and will gradually strengthen their self-esteem. It is important to remember that Plastic Surgery can produce both physical changes and changes in the image of oneself and in self-esteem.

    If you are considering having an intervention to try to influence someone other than yourself, you may end up disappointed. Your friends or loved ones may respond positively to your intervention, but Plastic Surgery is designed to make changes for you, not others.

    Although there are exceptions, there are certain situations in which other alternatives are recommended before considering the possibility of undergoing cosmetic surgery: patients with unrealistic expectations, patients in crisis, patients impossible to satisfy, patients obsessed with minimal defects and patients with mental illness.

    If you are thinking of undergoing a Plastic or Aesthetic Surgery intervention, meet Dr. Sahil Singla, best plastic surgeon in Panipat.

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