scar treatment in panipat
March 18, 2021
scar treatment in panipat

Surgery to Remove Scars

A scar is the body’s way of replacing and healing burned, lost, or damaged skin. The space left by the wound is covered with fibrillar tissue (the same that makes up the muscles), which is why the scars have a different appearance than the skin. A scar can be caused by many different reasons, such as: Injuries (cuts, burns, bumps), Surgeries, Infections, Inflammation of the Tissue. Sometimes they lead to functional limitations or are unsightly. It can, in some cases, be the beginning of an emotional problem for those who have it, depending on its location, size or shape. Sometime scar treatment or scar revision in Panipat is essential to correct their appearance and make them less visible.

Main types of scars

The skin is the largest organ of the human being and its function is to protect the body. Throughout life, accidents happen that damage the skin, leaving a scar. Scars are the  natural process of skin regeneration after an injury and are classified into 4 types, whose classification will depend on choosing one scar treatment in Panipat or another:

  • Hypertrophic scars: these are red scars that rise above the skin . They do not extend beyond the place where the injury occurred.
  • Keloids: these scars protrude from the skin, like hypertrophic scars, but the difference is that they do spread to other parts from where the wound takes place. They are caused by the overproduction of certain cells. Over time, keloids can affect mobility, limiting certain functions. Possible treatments include surgery, laser surgery, radiation, or steroid injections.
  • Shrinkage scars: These are the scars that normally occur after burning the skin . They cause hardening (contraction) of the skin that can reduce mobility. Scarring can reach the nerves and muscles in the most severe cases.
  • Acne scars: Any type of acne can leave behind scars. There are several typologies that can go from superficial to deep.

Types of surgery for scar revision in Panipat

Dr Sahil Singla performs several surgical techniques for scar revision in Panipat. The plastic surgeon in Panipat will first assess the type and degree of scar to establish the most appropriate approach:

  1. Simple excision is the simplest method. The surgeon resects the scar and then carefully sutures the edges. It is used in fine linear scars whose skin allows an adequate gliding.
  2. Sliding excision and plasty: a technique used in cases where the skin is less slippery and is fixed to the underlying tissues. The goal is to free the trapped skin so that it glides properly.
  3. Dermabrasion is the most complex surgical procedure and involves removing the outer layers of the skin . It is the technique used in scars that cannot be treated with excision and plasty but that present surface irregularities that make them highly visible.

After treatment

The protocol to be carried out after the scar treatment in Panipat will depend to a great extent on the technique that the surgeon has chosen to remove the scar.

Plastic surgery to remove the scar also requires going through the different stages of scar maturation until reaching the final state of correction.

The final results are considered after at least 12 months after having carried out the treatment.

scar treatment in Panipat

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