Have you suffered a skin burn caused by contact with flames, hot surfaces or liquids? Are you looking for the burn treatment in Delhi? Dr Sahil Singla is a leading plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery.

Thanks to the great advances in plastic surgery, the results of reconstructive surgeries for burns are becoming more effective.

The burns may be classified according to their depth, extension mechanism and site of involvement. They are a condition in which timely and effective care is essential.

There are superficial burns that can heal only with topical medications such as creams or ointments, but there are other deeper ones in which surgery is needed to remove the burned tissue, clean the area, prevent infections, and provide a temporary or permanent cover.

Burns can be simple in their treatment or complex depending on several factors and can be life threatening, therefore your careful attention is vital. With proper care, the patient can save his life, reduce scars, and improve subsequent results.

If you have a serious burn you should go to the emergency area of ​​a hospital as soon as possible. In burns the best thing is to prevent. Take care of children, older adults, and yourself.

There are different types of burn treatment in Delhi, depending on the severity of the burn, the location of the affected area, the extent of it, and above all, the skin tissues that have been affected.



They are light burns, of little gravity and that only affect the outer layer of the skin, so no cosmetic surgery treatment will be necessary for burns. With the application of the appropriate cures and a good burn cream, the marks will disappear after a few days without leaving hardly any marks on the skin


Second degree burns are a bit more serious and painful as they damage the dermis layer. After 10 or 15 days the skin regenerates again but the scars persist, so in these cases reconstructive surgery is necessary.


Third degree burns are the most serious, the most painful and the ones that leave the most consequences. Several layers of the skin are affected and regeneration on its own is highly unlikely, so it is necessary to carry out plastic surgery treatments for burns, such as skin grafts or microsurgery.

The most common cosmetic surgery burns treatments that provide the most optimal results are skin grafts


burn treatment in Delhi

This burn treatment in Delhi consists of taking skin from a part of the body, which is usually covered with clothing, the donor area, and grafting or transplanting it into the affected part.

Before performing the skin graft, debridement must be carried out. This consists of removing dead tissue and blisters to expose the true depth and severity of the wound. In some burns, the dead tissue falls off naturally as part of the healing process, but in most cases, the practitioner will need to remove the damaged tissue manually.

The grafted skin adheres (using a patient’s own skin to cover a burn eliminates the risk of tissue rejection) to the underlying tissue and effectively closes the wound.

If you have suffered a burn, whatever degree it may be, and you want to consult with a plastic surgeon in Delhi, contact us today, we will study your case in a personalized way.