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Male Breast Reduction/ Gynaecomastia

Gynecomastia surgery in East Delhi is a procedure to remove excess fat from chest of the man. Gynecomastia is the excess of breast in the male. It is a fairly common pathology and can affect one or both breasts. It can be caused by taking some medications and by certain pathologies, but the vast majority are of unknown cause. This excessive development of the male breast frequently causes emotional disorders, male breast reduction surgery in East Delhi includes subcutaneous mastectomy or liposuction.

Who are the best candidates for gynecomastia surgery in East Delhi?

Best Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi can be performed in healthy, emotionally stable men of any age. The best candidates for surgery have firm, elastic skin that will reshape the new contours of the body.

best gynecomastia surgery in East Delhi

Surgery can discourage obese men, or in overweight men who have not tried to correct the problem with exercise or weight loss first. Also, in individuals who ingest alcoholic beverages in excess or are habitual marijuana smokers. These patients are not considered good candidates for surgery. These drugs, along with anabolic steroids, can cause gynecomastia. Therefore, they must first stop using these drugs to see if their breast size decreases before considering male breast reduction surgery in Delhi as an option.

How to plan surgery?

The initial consultation with your plastic surgeon in East Delhi is very important. We will need a complete medical history, which we will verify later and be ready to provide us with the necessary information. First, we will examine your breasts and verify the causes of gynecomastia, the use of medications containing estrogens, anabolic steroids. If the suspected cause is a medical problem, you will be referred to an appropriate specialist.

In extreme cases, we may also recommend a mammogram, or a chest X-ray. This will not exclude the very small possibility of breast cancer but will reveal the composition of the breast. How much fat and glandular tissue your breasts are made up of, as this proportion can make you choose a surgical technique that best suits your needs.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions during the consultation, including your concerns about the recommended care or the costs involved.

How to prepare your surgery?

We will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for gynecomastia surgery in East Delhi including guidelines on eating, drinking, and taking certain vitamins and medications. Smokers should plan to quit smoking for a minimum of a week or two before surgery and during recovery. Tobacco decreases circulation and interferes with proper healing. Therefore, it is essential to follow all of your surgeon’s instructions.

What is male breast reduction surgery in Delhi like?

If excess glandular tissue is the primary cause of breast enlargement, it will be removed. The excision can be done alone or in conjunction with liposuction. In a typical procedure, an incision is made in an inconspicuous location either at the edge of the areola or under the armpit area. Working through the incision, the plastic surgeon in Panipat cuts excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin that may need to be removed. Larger reductions that involve lifting a significant amount of tissue and skin may require larger incisions that produce more prominent scars (please consult your case). If liposuction is used to remove excess fat, the cannula is normally inserted through the existing incisions.

If your Gynecomastia consists primarily of excessive fatty tissue, your plastic surgeon in Delhi may only perform liposuction to remove the excess fat. A small incision is made around the edge of the areola in the dark skin surrounding the nipple. Or the incision may be in the area of ​​the skin peeling.

In extreme cases where large amounts of fat or glandular tissue have been greater, the skin may not adjust well to the new smaller breast contour. In these cases, the excess skin may have to be removed to allow the skin to firmly readjust to the new breast contour.

Sometimes a fine drain is inserted through a separate incision to remove excess fluid. Once closed, the incisions are usually covered with a bandage.

Where your surgery will be done?

Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is often performed as an outpatient procedure, but in extreme cases, or those where other medical conditions are present, an overnight hospital stay may be recommended. The surgery itself normally takes about an hour and a half. However, longer procedures can take longer.

What type of anesthesia is used in a gynecomastia?

Male breast reduction surgery in East Delhi can be performed under general anesthesia, or in some cases, under local anesthesia plus sedation. You will be awake, but very relaxed and insensitive to pain. A more extensive correction can be performed under general anesthesia that allows the patient to sleep through the entire operation. Your plastic surgeon will discuss which option is recommended for you, and why this is the chosen option.

Is gynecomastia at risk?

When male breast reduction surgery in Delhi has been performed by a qualified plastic surgeon in Delhi, complications are rare and usually minor. However, as with any surgery, it has risks. These include infection, superficial injury, hematoma, adverse reaction to anesthesia, and excess fluid loss or accumulation under the skin (seroma). The procedure can also produce noticeable scars, in case you need to remove skin, (consult your case, this procedure is extreme); the breast area may become permanently pigmented or discolored or produce a slight asymmetry of breasts or nipples. If the asymmetry is significant, a second procedure can be performed to remove additional tissue.

The temporary effects of breast reduction include loss of sensation in the intervened area or numbness that can last up to a year.

What will happen after surgery?

If you have had tissue excision or liposuction, you will feel a little discomfort for a few days after surgery. However, discomfort can be controlled with medications prescribed by your surgeon. In any case, you must agree to have someone help or accompany you home after gynecomastia surgery in Delhi.

You will be swollen for a while, in fact you may wonder while the swelling lasts if there has been an improvement. Wearing an elastic girdle helps reduce inflammation for a week or two, and for a few more weeks at night. Although the worst of your swelling will dissipate in the first few weeks, it may take a few months before you get the final results of your surgery.

In the meantime, it’s important to get back to normal. You will be encouraged to start with a spin on your surgery day, and you can go back to work when you feel well enough, which could be a day or two after surgery. Any sutures will generally be removed in about 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure.

Your plastic surgeon may advise you to avoid sexual activity for a week or two, and vigorous exercise for about three weeks. They will tell you to stay away from any sport or job that risks hitting yourself in the chest area for at least four weeks. In general, it will take about a month before you return to all your normal activities.

You should also avoid exposing the resulting scars to the sun for at least six months. Sunlight can affect the pigmentation of the skin permanently and can cause the scar to turn dark. If sun exposure is unavoidable, use full sunscreen.

What will my new appearance be like?

Gynecomastia surgery in East Delhi can boost your self-confidence, but it won’t necessarily change your appearance to match your ideal. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them frankly with your surgeon.

The results of the male breast reduction surgery in East Delhi are significant and permanent. If your expectations are realistic, the chances of you being highly satisfied with your new look are enormous.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in East Delhi

FAQ About Gynecomastia Surgery

How can this procedure help me?

The goal of male breast reduction surgery in Delhi is to make the chest proportional to the rest of the torso by removing excess fat and glandular tissue from the breasts.

The benefits of man-boob reduction include:

  • * Improved confidence and self-esteem.
  • * Improved clothing fit.
  • * Reduced discomfort from sore or tender breast tissue.

What happens after male breast reduction surgery?

The advice that you should follow after a gynecomastia surgery in Delhi to achieve the best result and a quick postoperative and recovery are the following:

  • A simple wound site dressing with a compression bandage over the chest area should be worn on the treated area for one week after surgery.

This can be uncomfortable but is essential for effective healing after male breast reduction surgery.

  • Drainage tubes may be applied to drain excess fluids from wounds and reduce bruising. These will be removed a few hours after the male breast reduction surgery.
  • Usually, male breast reduction patients can go home the same day as man boob surgery.
  • One week after breast reduction plastic surgery, a follow-up appointment will be made so that the bandage can be removed and the wound checked to make sure it is healing well.
  • Dissolvable stitches are used during male breast reduction surgery so they do not need to be removed.

When will I be able to resume my activities?

You must rest completely for 24 to 48 hours after male breast reduction surgery in East Delhi and you may experience a burning sensation during this time.

You can return to work three days after male breast reduction surgery as long as your job does not involve strenuous physical labor.

You can resume all your usual activities, including exercise and sports, two to three weeks after male breast reduction surgery.

Could it be breast cancer?

Although male breast cancer is rare, it is important to take the proper precautions to prevent future health risks. Men in their 60s and 70s are the most prone to male breast cancer.

If you are concerned about any change in the shape, size or color of your breasts, we recommend that you seek medical help immediately.

Will I need to be hospitalized for the procedure?

Male breast reduction operations are performed in the hospital, under general anesthesia, and take two to three hours. It can be performed as a “day surgery” or at night, depending on your needs. All surgeries are performed in fully accredited facilities that guarantee your safety.

Results: What and when?

Although swelling is minimal after male breast reduction, there will be some swelling. You can expect this to settle in about 6 weeks and the swelling to go down completely after 3 months.

What complications can arise from the procedure?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks and potential complications. These include infection and bruising, bleeding, bruising, and scarring.

Specific risks and complications of male breast reduction include nipple necrosis, sensory disturbances, breast asymmetry, or unfavourable cosmetic outcome…

The possible risks and complications of the surgery will be discussed with you in detail in the pre-operative consultations.

Will this procedure leave scars?

The incisions are made in discreet positions, that is, at the lower edge of the areola. In this way, scars are reduced to a minimum.

Breast-Augmentation in Delhi

Breast Augmentation

Dr Sahil Singla, plastic surgeon, has performed hundreds of breast augmentation in East Delhi which is a operation to improve and increase the size of the breasts.

Breast Augmentation in Delhi is a breast surgery to improve and increase the size of the breasts or to solve asymmetries, thus achieving an optimal shape and position.

best breast augmentation in East Delhi

“Silicone or serum prostheses are not harmful to health. There is no evidence that these types of implants interfere with fertility, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. There are also no scientific studies that show any link with the development of breast cancer or other diseases.

Reasons for a breast augmentation

Patients who undergo breast augmentation in East Delhi usually do so for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To improve body contouring for personal reasons, considering that your breasts are small or do not have a good shape and position.
  • If after pregnancy there has been a loss of volume, which can be corrected with mammoplasty.
  • Raise the breast if it has fallen and increase its size.
  • Asymmetric breasts can also be treated with this technique.
  • The approach to congenital deformities such as tuberous breasts.

Breast augmentation in figures

A third of Indian women do not feel comfortable with their breasts, and of these, the main reason is having little breasts (39%). Furthermore, one in 10 women who have not had surgery declares an intention to do so in the future to feel better.

Types of implants

In breast augmentation in East Delhi, different types of implants are used. In addition to varying the shape and size, depending on what we are looking for the type of material will also be different.

The most common breast implants are those that are filled with silicone gel. They are characterized by having a soft texture and very similar to that of the natural breast. There are also serum prostheses (a solution of water and salt).

Currently the trend is to use biodimensional or anatomical prostheses, that is, with a shape that perfectly adapts to the characteristics of the breast. Also, the filling is a gel that is not liquid but cohesive, with a gelatine-like appearance.

Price for breast augmentation

The best breast augmentation in Delhi can vary in price depending on each case. Our team of experts makes an assessment of each patient and establishes a budget based on their particular needs.

best breast augmentation in Delhi

How to get a natural breast

The natural augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation in Delhi is achieved taking into account a series of parameters. The ideal is to respect the proportions of each body.

Some breasts are considered normal when they are symmetrical, they are in the correct position and their shape is appropriate. The areola-nipple should be at the same height on both breasts and in the center of them.

Finding the perfect symmetry is almost impossible, there is always some difference in the two breasts. However, when the plastic surgeon performs a breast augmentation, he takes into account each of these elements, and in this way achieves the most natural result possible.


Undergoing the best breast augmentation in East Delhi provides significant physical and psychological benefits.

From a physical point of view, a more harmonious, balanced figure with a natural result is appreciated. It is something that you will notice, for example, when dressing.

In the psychological aspect, self-esteem is revalued. If we were self-conscious about having small breasts or presenting an asymmetry, with our new breast we will feel much better with the external appearance and it will increase our confidence in yourself.

Breast augmentation, benefits, risks, and complications


  • Increase breast volume.
  • Get a more attractive breast shape.
  • It significantly helps the harmony of the body.


  • It is a simple intervention, but if it is done wrong the consequences can be irreversible. Secondary mammoplasties are much more complicated.
  • It is very important to choose the surgeon very well.


  • Haemorrhage.
  • Inappropriate infection of the prosthesis.
  • Improper implant placement.

Breast augmentation in East Delhi is the only treatment that can effectively improve the breast, so that the changes are evident. Improves not only the volume but also the shape of the breast. The most effective technique is prosthetic augmentation, although we can also use fat.

Among the risks, I would highlight the importance of doing the intervention right the first time. Breast augmentation surgery is simple, but if for any reason the surgeon makes a mistake, correcting it is complicated. The secondary mammoplasty is much more difficult than primary. That is why it is important to choose the plastic surgeon in East Delhi well.

The most common complications, in addition to those related to the technique (infection, bleeding), are those due to improper choice of prosthesis and faulty placement of the same. It is important to dedicate time to the selection of the implant and also to the choice of its position by the surgeon at the time of the intervention.

Check Before-After Breast Augmentation

Breast-Reduction surgery in Delhi

Breast Reduction

The reduction mammoplasty or breast reduction surgery in East Delhi is a cosmetic surgery performed by Dr Sahil Singla to reduce the size of the breasts.

The procedure consists of the extraction of fat, breast tissue and skin from each breast, giving them the appropriate shape and size proportional to the constitution of the person.

Most of the women who request a breast reduction have health or physical problems that can restrict their activity.

“Reduction mammoplasty can be performed on young women who have completed their development. You also have to be mature enough to be aware of what a cosmetic surgery operation entails and have real expectations of the results.

Breast Reduction Surgery in East Delhi

Disorders related to large breasts

Having excessively large breasts is not only an aesthetic problem but can be linked to health problems.

Large breasts are characterized by an excessive development of the mammary gland and its internal adipose tissue. And, usually, they are accompanied by sagging (breast ptosis).

This phenomenon can occur in both obese and thin women. Sometimes, the excess weight of the breasts causes discomfort in the neck or back, irritations in the skin located under the breasts, respiratory disorders or some deformation in the skeleton. In addition, it can sometimes make it difficult to play certain sports and limit other activities.


The results of a breast reduction surgery in East Delhi are appreciated immediately. The first thing we notice is a decrease in health disorders associated with a large breast, as well as an improvement in our bodily appearance.


The reduction mammoplasty in East Delhi provides various benefits to women who decide to take the plunge and operated.

One of them is the improvement of self-esteem, since sometimes too large and sagging breasts cause emotional instability. After a breast reduction, patients observe how it improves the appearance of their torso and helps them to get rid of their complexes.

If you suffer from discomfort related to the back or neck, as a result of the weight, with the breast reduction you will experience an improvement. You can also perform physical activities for which you were previously limited. In addition, we can more easily find our bra or bikini size.

Price on breast reduction

The price of a breast reduction surgery in Delhi is conditioned to the characteristics of each patient. Our experts will make an exhaustive study of your situation and a personalized budget that fits your needs.

Suitable candidates

mammoplasty in East Delhi

To perform a reduction mammoplasty in Delhi the woman must be fully developed. However, sometimes if the breasts are generating some kind of problem, it may be necessary to perform the intervention before. This should be indicated by the plastic surgeon in East Delhi.

It is important that the candidate has a sufficient degree of maturity to know what the process consists of and that she has real expectations about the results.

In general, all those women who are self-conscious about the large volume of their breasts or who have a health problem related to it are candidates for a breast reduction.

Combination with various techniques

Each woman has different morphological characteristics, so that to achieve optimal results it is sometimes necessary to combine different aesthetic procedures.

In the case of reduction, it is sometimes convenient to resort to the use of implants. In these cases, the use of breast prostheses is used in order to obtain breasts with a more defined and firm shape.

Another treatment that is usually used together with reduction mammoplasty in East Delhi is liposuction. It is used simply to remove excess fat from some areas.

Breast reduction, benefits, risks, and complications


  • The main benefit of breast reduction is to get a woman who does not lead a normal life due to having a large breast, to wear clothes that are not large sizes again, or to return to the gym without complexes.


  • The main risk is the lack of irrigation of the nipple, which can lead to necrosis, this occurs when the nipple is very low and must be raised many centimetres.


  • Those derived from any conventional surgery: infection, bleeding, etc.
  • Those related to the elevation of the nipple (necrosis or suffering).
  • Those linked to scars.

The breast reduction surgery in East Delhi is one of the interventions that bring more benefits to the life of a woman. The difficulty of leading a normal life when you have a very large chest justifies the risks you must take.

Of the risks, perhaps the most important is the partial loss of the nipple if it is necessary to elevate it too much. However, plastic surgeon in Delhi knows how to minimize that risk.

Among the complications, the most common are related to the scar. This is impossible to avoid, but if we achieve a good and little visible scar, the satisfaction of the patient will be very high. Today we have laser techniques that minimize these complications.

Breast-Lift surgery in Delhi

Breast Lift

The mastopexy or breast lift surgery in East Delhi is a cosmetic procedure that is used to raise the sagging breast. It is sometimes complemented with the placement of breast prostheses.

Dr Sahil Singla is a leading plastic surgeon for breast lift surgery in East Delhi and performed hundreds of surgery in Delhi and other states.

With this procedure, the breast is placed in a correct position while its external appearance is taken care of.

breast lift surgery in East Delhi

In mild cases, hypotrophy with ptosis (fall) can be resolved by placing implants, however, when the expansion caused by the prostheses is not enough to compensate for the excess skin, it is necessary to resect said excess skin through a mastopexy to adapt the coverage to the new volume of the breasts.

Breast lift surgery in East Delhi can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin around the nipple. If your breasts are small or have lost volume, for example after pregnancy, breast implants in conjunction with this technique can increase both firmness and size.

“Before undergoing a breast lift we must be realistic with our expectations. The more aware we are of what we seek and want with a breast lift, the more satisfied we will be with the final results.

What causes sagging breasts?

With the passage of time the skin loses flexibility, the breasts lose their shape and begin to sag. This phenomenon also usually occurs after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and in the case of significant weight loss.

The natural sagging of the breast together with the sagging of the skin is what is known as mammary ptosis, and it occurs indistinctly in large or small breasts. The skin is distorted and most of the breast tissue moves to the lower part of the breast, so that the nipple is pointing down.

Breast lift and self-esteem

Women who undergo cosmetic breast augmentation surgery are very comfortable with the results. It is one of the interventions that generates the most satisfaction among our patients.

Classification of breast ptosis

Depending on the degree of ptosis or sagging of the breast, a breast lift intervention should be adapted to each situation:

  • Large or hypertrophic breasts. In these cases there is an excess of gland and / or adipose tissue, which is treated with a reduction mammoplasty.
  • Breasts with the appropriate size , but with excess skin. The breast lift technique in these situations is based on eliminating that excess skin, but in such a way that it adapts to the size of the breast in the correct position. Therefore, the interior of the breast must also be addressed to avoid a subsequent sagging.
  • Sagging breasts but with a volume that is not normal or insufficient in the opinion of the patient. In these cases, in addition to performing a breast lift or mastopexy, it will be necessary to resort to the placement of a prosthesis to increase the size of the breasts.

Cost of Breast lift surgery in Delhi

Dr. Singla makes a personalized budget. He assesses whether the patient, in addition to having a breast lift, will, for example, need implants. All these circumstances cause the price of each treatment to vary.

What is breast augmentation lift?

Sometimes breast lift is accompanied by the placement of breast implants or prostheses.

This is usually common in patients with small breasts that are also sagging . After pregnancy, you can also suffer a loss of volume and a certain degree of breast ptosis.

In both cases, there is not enough gland, which is why it is necessary to increase the volume of the breast with the collation of prostheses. The remaining skin is dried through a mastopexy that adapts the breast to the new volume and position.

In moderate ptosis, periareolar mastopexy may be sufficient to lift the areola and nipple, while in severe ptosis, a glandular plasty with complete detachment of the gland and medicalization of the external pole is necessary. In extreme cases, the T-technique is used with a reduced horizontal scar (it should never exceed the hidden limits due to the subsequent fall of the lower pole of the breast).

Who performs this surgical operation?

The ideal candidates for a breast lift surgery in East Delhi are those women who are in any of these situations:

  • When the chest is sagging due to its large volume.
  • If sagging breasts appear when losing weight suddenly or significantly.
  • After a pregnancy after which the breast sags and changes its volume.
  • If you have sagging skin in this area and it has become accentuated with age or the passage of time.
    In general, the best candidate for a breast lift is a healthy, emotionally stable woman who is realistic about what surgery can do for her. The best results are obtained in women with small, sagging breasts. Breasts of any size can be lifted, but the results are not as long-lasting for large breasts

Mastopexy, benefits, risks, and complications


  • If the nipple is very low, the only way to achieve an attractive breast is to lift it and adapt the shape of the breast.
  • This can be done by increasing or not increasing the breast at the same time.
  • And it should also be done with as few scars as possible.


  • It is one of the most complicated interventions of the breast since the union of elevating the nipple, improving the shape and sometimes increasing the breast, involves risks.
  • Inadequate breast shape.
  • Obvious scars.
  • Incorrect implant position.


  • Bleeding and infection.
  • Capsular contracture.
  • Breast asymmetry.
  • Incorrect breast shape.
  • Very visible scars.

The breast lift surgery in Delhi is a procedure which aims to raise the breast with or without increased and should be getting a correct and natural way and with the least possible scarring (in that order).

It is possibly the most risky breast intervention since it consists of several steps that must all be carried out correctly to achieve the appropriate result. Correct nipple placement, definition of an aesthetic breast shape, choosing the right breast implant (if necessary), and choosing the best-performing scar are very important. All of this makes the choice of surgeon crucial.

The most frequent complications are those related to surgery and the most important those that have to do with a non-aesthetic breast shape and with very evident scars.