breast augmentation in karnal
May 25, 2021
breast augmentation in karnal

Breast Augmentation

The Real Determination – What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation? What happens during the first consultation?

In most women’s lives, the moment comes when she looks dissatisfied at the changed shape of her breasts. After childbirth, due to the passage of time or individual abilities, the skin loses its elasticity and tone. Thanks to plastic surgery, you still don’t have to give up tight, full shapes. Breasts that have lost their posture can be tightened with a plastic procedure called breast augmentation in Karnal.

It is a good idea to prepare in advance for your first consultation with a plastic surgeon in Karnal, think about your questions and expectations about breast augmentation in Karnal. During the consultation, the best plastic surgeon in Karnal will examine you and then discuss the options in a personalized way, explaining the different surgical techniques and showing you where the surgical scars will be located.

Waiting days – Preparing for breast augmentation

Before plastic surgery, you should have a full examination to find out if you have any health problems that could be a factor in breast augmentation. All preliminary examinations are performed at hospital, so you do not have to stand in line and wait in several places. During the examination, laboratory examinations and, if necessary, other examinations (ECG, X-ray, breast ultrasound, mammography, etc.) are performed, based on the recommendation of the plastic surgeon. In some cases, we recommend a lifestyle change for the days before. To promote proper healing, it is important that you do not smoke because nicotine slows down regeneration processes and adversely affects wound healing. In the days before breast augmentation in Karnal, eat light meals, drink plenty of fluids and take vitamins (vitamin C, selenium, zinc). Avoid using aspirin, ginkgo biloba, and other natural remedies for two weeks before breast augmentation.

The big moment – The breast augmentation

During breast augmentation, a new breast shape is formed from the existing glandular stock and the sagging is eliminated. The breast suture is performed under anesthesia and takes approx. it takes two and a half hours each. During breast surgery, the plastic surgeon in Delhi removes excess skin and fixes the nipples in an anatomical position. If the glandular volume is sufficient, breast correction is performed without implant placement. However, in 50% of cases, breast augmentation should be supplemented with implant placement.

Backstage of the operating room – Surgical techniques of breast augmentation

By surgical technique is meant the selection and location of the required incisions. There are several techniques that can be used during breast augmentation in Karnal. The vertical or short term technique consists of a circular and a short vertical incision. In the case of a significant sagging, the so-called inverted T incision is used, where in addition to the circular and short incision, the plastic surgeon also makes a transverse incision in the fold under the breast. The latter technique results in a basket smaller size. The plastic surgeon can decide which breast suture method results in a beautiful, natural shape, taking into account the characteristics and breast structure of the breast.

Recovery period – Recovery and risks

At our clinic, we try to make the period after breast augmentation as comfortable as possible for you. To do this, our plastic surgeon will apply a waterproof bandage to the wounds the day after the breast suture, so you can take a shower in your home. After breast augmentation, you will have to spend one night at our Plastic Institute. In order to achieve the perfect result, we work with absorbable seams, so the scars heal much more beautifully and we also spare you the possible inconveniences of picking up the seams.

The breast augmentation after 8 weeks you must wear a special bra that we provide for you. During the first two weeks of recovery, you should avoid all strenuous physical work. After two weeks, you can gradually return to your previous lifestyle. After three weeks, light exercise can be started. Avoid sunbathing, sunbathing and using the sauna for two months. You should have a follow-up examination on days 7 and 14, and weeks 6 and 12 after breast augmentation. The healing time of the external scars is approx. six months, while internal scars heal completely in 2 years.

The use of scar treatment creams is recommended to promote scar healing. We try to filter out all risk factors during pre-breast augmentation examinations, however, there are complications that are unpredictable. The incidence of complications following breast augmentation in Karnal is small but cannot be completely ruled out. Complications may include wound infection, blood and serum formation, keloid scarring, asymmetry between the two breasts, and temporary changes in nipple sensitivity.

Satisfaction – The result of breast augmentation

breast lift has undergone the most beautiful women are once again proud symbol of femininity, self-confidence increased, which has a positive impact on all areas based on feedback from our guests, their lives. After breast surgery, a thin scar line remains on the skin in some visible and invisible places. These scars are permanent, but gradually fade over time. The breast gains its final shape after six months.