best liposuction in karnal
April 5, 2021
best liposuction in karnal

Liposuction For Perfect Body Figure


Best liposuction in Karnal is one of the best known and most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Although it is well known to the general public, the media and advertising have often created more confusion than correct information regarding this treatment.
Liposuction is also called lipoaspiration and is a treatment that is not performed with the aim of losing weight, but to reshape the shape of the body making it much more harmonious and attractive. In fact, the intervention allows to selectively eliminate the imperfections caused by the accumulation of fat in some areas such as the abdomen, arms, knee area, hips, thighs and buttocks, without visible scars.

Who undergoes the surgery

Ideal for this procedure are patients who have localized fat deposits and fat pads that alter the harmony of the body silhouette and with suitable skin elasticity. Good skin elasticity allows the skin to adjust to the new volume and is essential for optimizing the final result. Liposuction in Karnal offers optimal results even for those accumulations that do not disappear even with diet and exercise.

Operative technique

Although technically simple, this procedure must be performed in a reliable facility and in the operating room, with the utmost respect for sterility and safety for the patient. During the operation, the best plastic surgeon in Karnal performs one or more accesses, depending on the areas to be treated, of about 3 mm through which he introduces a thin cannula that allows the different areas to be infiltrated with a special solution composed of anesthetic and vasoconstrictors physiological solution. The small cannula are inserted from the same access points which, connected to a liposucer (a machine that allows to create a negative pressure), allow the exuberant adipose tissue to be aspirated selectively.

Lipofilling treatment is often associated with liposuction surgery which allows you to use part of the aspirated adipose tissue to increase the volume of the cheeks, buttocks or breasts. At the end of the operation, after having aspirated the excess fat from the areas established in the pre-operative visit, the small incisions are sutured and the uniformity of the aspiration is checked.


This procedure can be performed under general, local or loco-regional anesthesia. The type of anesthesia is decided by the specialist in accordance with the wishes of the patient, taking into account his state of health and the surgical program. A good compromise to avoid most of the inconveniences of general anesthesia and to perform the operation in day surgery is loco-regional anesthesia with deep sedation.

Post operative

At the end of the surgery, the patient must wear the elastic containment sheath which is very important since it has the function of shaping the new profile and above all making the loose tissues adhere to each other during the surgery, and thus preventing the formation of hematomas or seromas. . It is recommended not to take off aspirin for two weeks before surgery and for 5-6 days afterwards. A cycle of lymphatic drainage and radiofrequency massages can be extremely useful in the immediate post-operative period in order to speed up the reabsorption phase of edema.

liposuction in Karnal

Possible complications

Liposuction in Karnal is certainly an effective and safe intervention, but it can present some risk margins associated with the operation. The results achieved are generally satisfactory but it can happen that asymmetrical or slightly hollow areas are formed. In the first case it is advisable to combine the liposuction with some cavitational lipolysis or cavitation sessions with ultrasound, while in the second one proceeds with a small lipofilling operation. With aspiration of large volumes, a general sense of weakness and fatigue may temporarily occur, until normal blood volume is restored. If the skin does not enjoy good elasticity it may not adapt perfectly to the new shape and generate relaxation. In these cases, the plastic surgeon in Karnal can then proceed with a lifting operation to reduce excess tissue in the inner thigh area, or with a torsoplasty operation to tone the buttock area. When the sagging of the tissues is slight it is possible to proceed only with a few radiofrequency sessions to tone and compact the area.

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